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 Welcome to Hyperinsight

 Hyperinsight Pty Ltd is Master Reseller for  Coveo Solutions Inc  in Australia & New Zealand - plus coverage for China, India, Middle East and most of Asia-Pacific.

Hyperinsight specialises in helping an organisation's staff, customers and other stakeholders instantly and securely locate all the authorised information they need each day in order to make the best choices and decisions. Coveo's solutions adhere to both the security and the business rules of an organisation and to the privacy of its staff. 

We are a team of fully accredited enterprise search experts who professionally advise our many customers on how to use search-powered solutions to improve access to their organisation's information in order to enhance business operations and enrich the lives of stakeholders.

We build value by using Coveo Search to help drive overall organisational effectiveness  - based on a principle long-recognised by the Gartner Group, viz.. 

"Search is the new way to consume information  - Peter Sondergaard, head of global research at Gartner, January 2009

However, most knowledge workers are often starved of the critical information they need to work better and smarter ...and therefore..

Knowledge managers in most organisations face many challenges:
  • Why current approaches to knowledge management often don’t deliver the insight needed for good decision-making and for effective innovation
  • How to leverage the 80 percent of big data that is unstructured – to gain access to relevant content and experts, from anywhere
  • Smartest ways to present information for staff, support agents and customers in daily tasks
  • How to manage the use of information both on-premise and In-the-Cloud
The Solution: Coveo On-Premise or In-the-Cloud

Access the precise information you need within seconds, when you need it, regardless of where it is stored.. even if there are more than 1 Billion files and documents. Coveo Your Data for Actionable Insight - always available :
  • Coveo for  Service & Support - incl Salesforce Service Cloud,Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Coveo  Advanced Enterprise Search - Files, databases, SharePoint, Exchange. and more.. including HPE RM / TRIM records 
  • Coveo for Advanced Website Search including Sitecore integrations

For more details about our enterprise search solutions feel free to explore and learn about the products and services we offer on this site, or simply Contact Us to discuss your business requirements.

 ..and explore the breadth of Coveo solutions at

 Coveo Enterprise Search  - for 360 degree view of all relevant  information needed for good decision-making:  with security of source records and access



              Latest Product Features            

Coveo Enterprise solutions  are underpinned by the best of breed software - the Coveo Enterprise Search platform - delivering  instant access to information stored in almost repository no matter where located or managed - inside the corporation, in the cloud or on the internet. 

Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 - Key Features

Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 takes corporate search to the next level –  faster processing, less hardware, business-oriented interfaces so you can easily track valuable information assets and intuitively gain insight.

  • Multi-Channel Text Analytics: Coveo Index allows the discovery of related themes and information, enabling more nimble business operations and better customer service.

  • New and Updated Connectors: Coveo 7.0 includes connectors to pull information from virtually any system into the unified index and provide superior functionality and integration, including the native security model of each system. Tight integration with Sitecore, SalesForce, SharePoint, Exchange etc

  • Self-Optimizing Index: With Coveo 7.0, the unified index continually defragments itself without requiring administrative intervention and reduces the index footprint by 50 percent. This ensures rapid query responses and enables accurate 24x7 access to billions of pieces of data.

  • Advanced SmartFacets™: Even more intuitive refinement of information is now available in role-based Insight Consoles by allowing searches within multiple selection of facets.

  • Multi-Role Administration: Administrator roles can be segmented according to the tasks required for each administrator, resulting in higher security, enhanced governance and improved configuration.

  • Java User Interface and Components: Programmers can leverage the Java development language, providing more flexibility for user interface and component development - while still having benefit of Coveo's .Net-based API's 

  • Security Framework: Coveo 7.0’s out-of-the-box security framework increases integration with secure repositories, leveraging Active Directory and LDAP users and groups, easily accessing role-based permissions.

  • Additional Language Support: Coveo 7.0 offers support for indexing and searching 45 languages and includes stemming, which automatically broadens search queries by associating additional forms of search terms.

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